Year-End Post

Today is Friday – the last work day of the week, the month and the year!

I have actually been on vacation since the 24th but it only meant that I was not physically present at work. This week, I still had some obligations and responsibilities to fulfill outside of work. I went on an out-of-town trip for a wedding early this week. It was a really good experience though I wished I could have stayed longer just to enjoy the peaceful and quiet atmosphere without having to think about going home because I still had to do something for the next day. On Wednesday morning I created a list of things I had to accomplish before going back to work on January 3. I started accomplishing the very easy ones and for the whole afternoon I listened to 2 songs that needed vocal arrangement. In the evening, I already had to teach the arrangement. The next day was more laid back but because of the hot weather, staying at home wasn’t the best plan. I continued to accomplish the things in my check list but I have to admit that I got bored. Having to arrange my clothes in my closet and drawer was not the most exciting activity in the world.

Then finally, Friday comes. The last “work day”. I woke up late. Had breakfast. Checked my emails. Finished the vocal arrangement and lyrics guide (which took me quite a while to finish by the way). Had late lunch. Currently blogging.

I know it took me quite a while to say this, but after “abandoning” this blog for quite sometime, here I am again! You see, I’ve been really excited about the New Year but for some reason, it wasn’t like last year where I didn’t have anything else to do or worry about except prepare myself for the following year. These past few days, I still had to do things. It didn’t feel like a vacation at all. But right at this very moment I am creating a post for this blog because I want to reflect on what has happened these past few months and how these have changed my life.

Wishes and dreams that I have been praying for but not really expecting that they would come true in the near future have come true. Many of my goals for this year, though not all, have been accomplished. I met a lot of new people and gained new friends. I traveled to quite a few places within the country. I was pushed to my limits and was put to the test. But I was able to face and conquer them. I learned a lot of lessons along the way. I discovered both the beauty and the complication of human life. When I was a little kid I thought it was cool to be busy. I thought that those who were successful in life were always on the go. This year I experienced the hectic and busy life. For the first time I actually got to write on my planner for the entire year! The year hasn’t ended and I can’t believe I’m already plotting appointments in my new planner! I didn’t really do it on purpose but I guess I didn’t notice that I was already taking on so much that I didn’t realize it was taking too much of me already. But I still thank God for the experience. He must have wanted me to learn something from it. I have kept my promise to Him. It was definitely not easy and I know that I stumbled in so many ways but in the end He still helped me keep my promise. I also learned that so many things could happen in a day. It has 24 hours after all. Any hour, any minute, and any second something could happen. When it comes to love (oh everybody my age loves this topic!), I learned some very valuable lessons. There is simply no equation. Ideals are merely ideals and ironically, you sometimes find out that they are really not the person you need or want in your life. Instead, you could actually end up with someone who is completely the opposite of the person you’ve been wishing for. Simply put: Love is unpredictable. It is always good to be the one helping others instead of being helped. And it is true when they say that the more you give, the more you receive.

And the list goes on. Because of all these experiences, though I am still having trouble organizing my thoughts, there are some things that I hope to accomplish next year. I no longer want to be busy; instead, I want to be PROACTIVE. I want to make sure that I’ve got my priorities straight and I have time for everything I need to do, people who need me, and of course for myself. Abandoning my blog was already a lesson. Next year I want to make sure that I can continue something that I’ve started at a reasonable pace. I will no longer keep saying YES to everything if it would mean consuming all my energy and not have enough left for myself. I do have a lot of things that I would like to achieve next year but I would like to keep that between me and God for now. 🙂 But there’s one more thing I would like to share, especially to those who have been following this blog and motivating me to continue it, I plan to continue blogging next year!!! Yey! But of course, at an attainable pace…so watch out for that. 🙂

This has been a wonderful and fruitful year. To those who have read this post, I hope you were able to relate to it. Thank you again to those who have followed this blog. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. They truly inspired me to go on during the times I already felt tired and demotivated. Thank you to everything that happened and to everyone that made things happen whether positive or negative.

And most importantly, Thank You God for the life that You have given me. Thank You for always being there for me. Thank you for all the blessings and the gifts that you shower me with everyday. Thank You for always making me feel safe and loved. Though it might not be enough, You know that You are the Only One who is in control of my life. I am forever Yours.


This is my last post for the year. See you in 2012!

A Blessed and Prosperous New Year Everyone! 🙂

“You crowned the year with Your bounty and goodness…” Psalm 65:11


Take Action

“Life is not what happens to you. It’s what YOU DO with what happens to you.”- Didache