Do Not Harden Your Hearts

Would you believe it if I say that God speaks to us every single day?

There is no need for a special event to occur just so God could speak to us. In my opinion, those things happen when God knows that He needs to be more aggressive in getting our attention. But when we readily open our hearts and minds to listen to Him, we would find Him speaking to us in the same way our friends talk to us.

When I was on the bus the other day, I noticed 2 male passengers ride the bus. There were no more seats left so they were standing near the entrance of the bus. I had my earphones on and couldn’t hear anything else but the music that was playing when all of a sudden, I saw one of the male passengers punch the other one right on the face! Everyone on the bus was rattled and those who were sitting near them almost wanted to get off the bus as they tried to avoid the commotion. Thank God I was sitting far from where they were. The guy punched him a few more times before they were escorted out of the bus.

I was really shocked because it was my first time to witness something like that but at the same time kind of annoyed because it was early in the morning and I was such in a good mood on my way to work. I felt safe knowing that God would protect me. But because I was annoyed, I also felt like I was ready to fight anytime. It was a weird and funny feeling. Instead of feeling scared, I was mad. I wanted to scold those 2 people for causing trouble and for making all the other passengers worried. I tried to calm myself down by going back to what I was doing before all those things happened. I continued to listen to the praise and worship songs I had in my MP3 player.

It took some time before I calmed down, but at some point I felt God telling me, “Don’t be too proud just because you know I will protect you. Calm down and let it go. Pray for them and forgive them for the negative feelings they have caused you.”

This is just one of the many instances that God spoke to me. On the other days, He’d usually tell me to focus when I felt lazy. He would tell me to just continue and finish what I had to do when I felt tired. He would tell me to stop worrying when I thought about unnecessary things. And when I’m about to explode with anger, He would instantly tell me to keep quiet and calm myself down first before I deal with the situation.

Just remember that in all circumstances, open your heart and mind to Him. In all things you do, make sure that you are glorifying His name.

Hebrews 3:15 “As it is said, ‘Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as they did when they provoked me.'”



There is nothing more important than to be with our Lord. All the success, the fame and the luxuries of life are nothing compared to the pure and everlasting love that He has for us. It is not to say that they are evil or have no use. In fact, they all come from God so that we may enjoy the earthly life that He has temporarily lent us. Take note that they were meant to be enjoyed and not meant to enslave us. The danger comes when we become too attached to the things of this world, which causes us to do evil things and be separated from our Heavenly Father.

But how wonderful it is to be under the care of our Almighty God. He is patient. He is kind. He keeps all His promises. He can do all things- things that are sometimes incomprehensible with our human minds. And yet He does not boast. He is not selfish. He gave us His all though we are unworthy. He is the most humble yet also the most powerful, the ruler over all. And so there is nothing I want more than to be with my Lord.

When God Takes Over

When God takes over,
I no longer worry.
For He has assured me
That my faith has sealed me.
When God takes over,
I no longer feel weak.
For He is the Living God who strengthens my heart.
When God takes over, He protects and rescues me.
For He is the Lord of Lords
And our Almighty Saviour.
When God takes over,
Sorrow and rage abandon me.
For He is merciful and loving
And so I shall be likewise to my brothers and sisters.
When God takes over,
I am no longer lost.
For He is The Way, The Truth and The Life
And there is nothing I shall want more.
When God takes over,
He is in complete control.
For He holds the master plan
All-knowing and Lord above all.

The Calling

Though there have been several times where God would give His message to me directly, I don’t remember acknowledging them as a “calling”. Most of the messages I got were either answers to my questions and prayers or instructions on what my next step should be. I have always asked God for help about the things at hand and of course, He had always given me answer.

But 2 days ago, something new happened. He told me something that I wasn’t even asking Him about. I didn’t even bother to include it in my prayers because it wasn’t my concern at all. After our last Christian Life Program (CLP), I made a resolution that I will not be as active in the next CLP because I wanted to focus on other things like my family, career, and of course my personal relationship with God. That was the main reason why I decided to accept the role of the Pastoral Formation Officer (PFO) in our chapter. I didn’t need to be physically present during the program but I would need to prepare things that would help the chapter in terms of spiritual formation.

I made this clear to my chapter heads about 2 months ago and they didn’t really have a problem with it. My attendance in the chapter started to decline not because I wasn’t enjoying it anymore, but simply because I was doing what I had planned to do – spend more time with my family and focus on my job. I thought that I would be able to rest more in taking the time off from my service in the community. But just 2 days ago, I realized that the opposite had happened. I felt more restless and started to worry about the things that didn’t really matter. For the 2 months that I had been “lying low”, I came home really tired from work even if we were not that busy. My weekends had become more free but for some reason, I felt physically weak and lazy. When these things were happening, my soul probably knew that something was missing in my life but it could not pin point what it was.

My prayer life declined as well. Yes, I still prayed everyday but it was mostly about problems. I wasn’t as enthusiastic about posting on my blogs and it even came to a point where I thought I was doing it out of obligation already when in fact, it was my idea to begin with. I felt that something was wrong but I only thought that it was because of the problems I was worried about.

During the preaching in the Sunday service, someone whispered to my ear and I knew that I was the only who heard it. It said, “Serve.” What I felt afterwards was even more surprising. I felt like I just wanted to stand up, leave the room and walk without thinking about where I’m going but simply following where the voice would lead me. Of course, it only took me a few seconds to go back to my consciousness and realize that it was the Holy Spirit talking to me. I was really shocked. For the first time in my life, I had received a call from God.

After our team building a couple of weeks ago, plans for the next CLP were being discussed. Nobody was really expecting me to do anything because I already made my plans clear to them. The team lead, who was also my very close friend, texted me just last week and said that she wanted to talk to me. I thought that she wanted to talk to me because she needed some advice. But after receiving that “call” from God, I knew that this had something to do with me serving the CLP.

True enough, when we got the chance to talk on Sunday, she asked me if I could serve again as a service team head for this coming CLP. And of course, I said yes. God had already given me His command beforehand and there was no way I could refuse it. Until now, I am still amazed about what had happened. In the past I have often wondered about how people knew they had a “calling”. Would God speak to them directly? Would they really need to pray for it for a very long period of time? Well, I haven’t exactly done my research on that but I guess now I understand when people say, “God has a special way of letting you know.”

I had never bothered to pray for this, nor had anybody in the chapter asked for my help. But before any of that could be done, God already told me what my answer should be. YES. I could have easily chosen to say no because that would mean I could still continue with my plans. But I also believe that when God says something, it cannot be ignored. We must respond.

“Social Justice”

“When I am required to instill justice, Lord, remind me to serve it always with love.” – Didache

Wake Up Call

The Lord truly knows when His people are in need of help or have gone astray. And when that happens, He would always know how to bring them back to His arms or give them the comfort they need. Under His command, He sends His angels and the Holy Spirit to touch the lives of those who have called upon Him.

Today I realized that I was not able to post an entry for yesterday. I just totally forgot. I’ve been preoccupied with so many things lately that I just let this slip. Thankfully, He quickly brought me back. I honestly felt like the Holy Spirit made its presence known and instantly gave me this message, “It’s time to go back. You are being called to serve.” This was definitely a wake up call. I have also been taking a little break from my service lately because I wanted to spend more time with my family. As much as I enjoyed this, I also felt as if there was something I needed to do.

But now I know why. I must leave everything behind now and respond to His call once again.

Shortest Prayer #22

Dear Lord,

Though I continue to struggle with my ways, please cleanse me from within and make me Your dwelling place.


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