Sisters’ Household

We had our very first sisters’ household prayer meeting for this year and I felt blessed to have had the opportunity to host it. It was definitely a great way to end the month and another opportunity for me to realize how we really cannot escape God’s plan and yet it all turns out for the best.

About a month ago, I thought about taking some time off from participating in any activity of the community after the Metro Manila Conference. I thought I would use the last 2 weeks of this month to just focus on my work and do whatever it is that I have been unable to do because of my service. I wanted to wake up late on weekends without having to think about any responsibility. I wanted to stop thinking about a schedule and just move according to what I felt like doing instead of having to follow a plan for that day. I guess my idea of resting was almost as if I wanted to escape from reality.

But God knew better. Yes, He allowed me to take my rest. I was able to wake up late these past 2 weekends. I was able to spend a lot of time on the internet until I got bored. I was able to finish a book that took me almost forever to read. We were informed of the sisters’ household beforehand and I really had no plans of attending because I was trying to maximize this time of rest.

When I got a text message asking who was willing to provide a venue for the household, I did not respond right away. At the back of my head I knew that our house was available but because I didn’t have plans of attending, I was sure that someone else would respond to that. But after a few hours, I realized that I did not get another message stating the venue of the household. “Okay Lord, I know You want me to respond to this.” And so I did.

A few days earlier, I realized that I already got what I wanted out of these 2 weeks of rest. I was able to make an important decision already and I got enough rest. So I started to become excited about this household. I had been planning to do something for the longest time and yet I couldn’t find the opportunity to start it. Unexpectedly, this household gave me the opportunity to do it and it felt great. What’s even greater is that I got to bond with my sisters. This wasn’t my plan; it was HIS. 🙂

Proverbs 16:9 “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” (NIV)


I Stood, and Still Standing

Five months and a week ago, I was called to arms. I have willingly put on the armor of God determined to defend His kingdom and endure all battles with the belief that I will conquer all evil as long as I surrender my life to my King (see

For the past few months, my life had not been easy. I encountered several “mini battles” along the way with some of them happening within me. I encountered them at work, in the religious community I belonged and of course at home. And although they were not easy to conquer, whenever I paused to take a break from all the tension, the Lord would always tell me, “I am here and have always been here. Now get up, fight, and I will bring you to victory.” Every time I was tempted to seek revenge instead of doing it the Lord’s way, He would always be there to command me to do what is right even if I had to struggle. He always made sure that I learned something out of every situation I faced. And true enough, He always brought me to victory. His victory.

Today was another day of “war”. Keeping quiet for the past few weeks even if I knew that something was wrong caught up with me. I snapped. I immediately realized what I had done and I was disappointed. It would have been easy to blame someone for provoking me to do it, but I should have known better. It didn’t matter who started it. I did wrong. For a little while, pride and anger took over me as I was unwilling to communicate. But again God told me, “The enemy is here. Do not let him use your weakness against you. He knows you are capable of doing great so now he has used someone against you. Do not fear. Fight him. I am with you. I will bring you to victory.”

I was still hot-headed and I was a bit afraid that things might get worse if I speak. But I took courage, got up, and did what the Lord said. I struggled but was surprised that I did not stutter nor lose my words. Everything came out clearly. And in the end, there was God’s victory. The enemy is still lurking, and he may come back stronger than before. But I shall not fear for I know that when the Lord commands, He will win.

His Vessels

“We are not the healers, just the vessels.”

When was the last time God used you to be His vessel? Was it just recently? Or a long time ago? How did you respond?

I believe God uses us everyday to be the vessels of His grace.  It can be as simple as smiling to a person who’s had a bad day or giving someone a compliment on how they look. These things may sound so small compared to, let’s say, how a doctor can save a person’s life or how a person’s persistence could change another person’s life. But no matter how little or great the things we do, we still serve as God’s vessels. And somehow, we are able to create an impact on people’s lives.

So why vessel? Well, the ability to create an impact on a person’s life is not of our own doing. It is always God’s work. We are just His instrument- the channel through which He is able to communicate with those who sometimes need to hear it from other people instead of having the ability to directly communicate with God. So if you see a positive change in a person, you are assured that it was God’s work through you that made it possible. Therefore, God is the ultimate healer. And again, His name is glorified.

Prayer for Good Governance and Social Responsibility

Dear Lord,

Please guide our government officials and all those who are committed to public service in their daily responsibilities. May they remember that being a public servant means prioritizing the welfare of the common citizens over their own welfare. May they be patient in their day to day dealings and maitain peace and order above all else.

Also, please help everyone remember to do their part. That in spite of our government needing much improvement, we must always do what is right according to the law and most importantly according to Your will. Make us not prefer the easy way out for selfish gain; rather, let us stick to the common good so that we may all be united in building a better and stronger nation with Your power, our Almighty God.


Prayer for Comfort

Dear Lord,

We pray for the lives that were lost and the loved ones they left behind because of the typhoon and the heavy flooding. May they be comforted with Your love and grace. We know that we cannot avoid nor control this rainy season but please make us brave so we can face everyday without fear. Please give us the hope that something can be done to lessen these occurrences.

And most importantly, may we always remember to seek You and Your will in the midst of the trials that we are experiencing at the moment.



“Lord, I offer my life to You. I have found You and I will hold on to You. Hold me and never let me in. Amen.” (Didache)

Perfect Surprise

Dear Lord,

There is no doubt that You are always there watching over me and knowing exactly what I need at the right time. Thank you for using my friend who patiently listened to me and reminded me of how wonderful Your plan is for my life. Just like a perfect surprise, You will not reveal any clue to Your master plan until the right time comes.

So now I ask for courage and strength to endure this time and to patiently wait for the perfect surprise that You have for me.


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