Teach Me Thy Ways

Today I learned a simple lesson. There are so many questions that we can come up with but not all of them have straight answers. Sometimes I find myself trying to come up with a really good answer or explanation but then I realize that I’m just saying nonsense. Then I start thinking again, “What did I just say? Why can’t I understand myself?” In a recent situation that I encountered, the answer was simple. I didn’t need to explain.

I focused too much on pleasing those people with a good answer but the truth is I already knew the answer within me and it was contradictory with the answer that they had in mind. When they asked me that question, I got confused because they were people close to me and I couldn’t help but think about what they said. After all, sometimes the people closest to you know you better than you know yourself. But in this particular situation, the reason why they are contradicting me is because I was telling them contradicting things.

Right now I am in a situation wherein I know that what I’m feeling is real but because of the standards of this world, my mind is telling me to watch out. So that’s another wake-up call for me. The question now is, “Am I ready to face the world with my new way of life? Am I ready to  face those challenges?”

Psalm 25:4-5

“Make Thy paths known to me, O Lord; teach me Thy ways.

Lead me in Thy truth and teach me;

Thou art God my Savior.”



Dear Lord,

Thank you for this wonderful day. Thank you for making my birthday extra special every year. Thank you for the gift of life.

Words aren’t enough to express the joy that I am feeling right now. But my only wish is to be able to continue to focus on You, Lord. I long for Your will to be done. In the face of temptation and sinfulness, save me. If I achieve great things, keep me humble. In deep sorrow, comfort me. In my wrongdoings, please forgive me.

Please continue to bless and guide me. Last but not the least, bless all the people in my life. I love them all. 🙂


End of 23rd

Today is the last day of my 23rd year in this world and the beginning of my 24th year. It’s only been a year yet a lot of changes have taken place in my life.

On my last birthday, God had blessed me with a job. For the rest of the year, He had blessed me with several new friends both in the workplace and with whom I was able to serve Him. The Lord also helped me overcome my struggles which eventually strengthened my faith and drew me closer to Him.

In my 23rd year, I continued to encounter a lot of “firsts”. I went to Hong Kong and met my bestfriend after 9 years. After being inactive for 3 years, I went back to the SFC community and became a first-time facilitator. I won a contest. I could enumerate many more but one thing is for sure- God is so generous. It’s so amazing how He had given me so much within a span of one year.

For those who still do not believe I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and start believing in Him. I assure you that you won’t regret it.


Today I only got to read Didache when I got home from work. Again, it was exactly the message that I needed to hear! Early in the day I already got disappointed because I knew I was going to be busy and yet I had to do something before I went home. I thought, I’ve already got tons of things to do at work today and by the time I get home I would be so tired. Yet I still have to do something else?! Give me a break!! It was something important so I ended up doing it anyway but then, someone else could have done it. Someone who had the luxury of time to do it.

Anyway, so while I was having dinner, I read today’s reflection and here’s what it said, “My ministry keeps me in the field and I need someone to help me with house work among others. Her joining my household made it so easy to serve God fully.” Ms. Cristy Galang had based her reflection from today’s reading, 2 Kings 5:1-15. “His servants, as if intentionally planted by the Lord to take care of him, were God’s voice of wisdom to melt his pride and his second thoughts in allowing the Lord to heal him.”

Well in my case, I actually knew that I already needed help but more than that, I learned from reading today’s reflection that I needed to be more humble. I needed to find time to express myself and actually ask them for help. Since I have been so busy lately and have not had the time nor the energy to show what I needed them to do, of course, how would they know how to help me right? Also, I was struck when the author said that it made it easy to serve God fully. That gave me even more encouragement to do what I’m supposed to do. Sometimes we underestimate other people’s ability to help us simply because we think that we are better than them. But God has put these people around us for a reason. They are not only there to serve us our basic needs; they are also there to make a difference in our lives.

2 Kings 5:13 “But his servants came up and reasoned with him.”

Prayer for Compassion

Dear Lord,

Thank you for being patient with us. Sometimes we are drawn to “earthly” things and are tempted to turn away from You for a long time, even permanently. But there You are always ready to welcome us back in Your arms when we finally realize how wrong we were to ever leave Your side.

Lord, I pray that we may be just like You towards everyone. May we have the patience to deal with hard-headed people. May we have the heart that will always be ready to forgive. May we be fearless in giving out unconditional love and compassion especially to those who need it. Also, may we always be ready and willing to serve our brothers and sisters for we know that by doing so, we impart to them the love that You give to us.

All this we ask in Jesus’ name.



Dear Lord,

There was a lot going on today. I was busy in the morning, I had to rush to my appointment in the afternoon and the same thing happened in the evening. When I got to our household meeting in the evening, I felt as if my mind was “floating”. I couldn’t understand why my head felt heavy when I knew that I wasn’t feeling sick or anything. Maybe because I was just busy the whole day and it has been like this for the whole week. You know that I’ve been used to being on top of things. I always have a list of things to do for the day and yet this week I didn’t even have the time to make a proper list and condition myself for it.

Despite all of this, thank You Lord for keeping me sane. I know that all I have to do is trust in You. Thank You for finally giving me the person with whom I will serve the Christian Life Program. I feel like my worries for this new responsibility have suddenly disappeared and now I can breathe. Thank You for continuously putting people around to help me get through everyday.

Last but not the least, thank You for always being there for me. I don’t know what I would do without You.



When I am extremely happy with something, it tends to occupy a lot of my time. After a few weeks or a few months of having it, whether it’s a gadget, book, an idea, opportunity, a goal or a person, I eventually lose my focus and time for God.  I suddenly find myself doing things the way I want and not seek for the Lord’s way. I become so happy that I would feel as if nothing could go wrong. Well, of course there’s nothing wrong with feeling happy and secure, but losing focus on God is a problem.

After being happy for a while, problems start to arise. It starts off small and I usually just do away with it. But those small things would pile up and eventually turn into a big problem. Then I would find myself desperately searching for an answer to my problems and asking God why that was happening to me. At that moment, I have forgotten the fact that I have not been seeking for the Lord’s guidance during the time that nothing was going wrong and now I am lost.  A few more days or weeks of agony and eventually that which had made me so happy would be taken away. I would be sad for another few days or weeks and eventually learn the lessons all over again. I have abandoned God. I have not been able to take care of that something in God’s way. I have turned to my human ways again and have trusted solely on my own judgment.  I have been selfish. I have lost my time for Him.

And now I ask myself, “how many more things must be taken away from me so I could finally learn not to lose focus on Him?”

So one day, I decided to start from scratch. I must admit that it was not easy. I told myself that I will not desire what I do not have at that moment and will just make use of everything that I already have. My desire for material things had eventually subsided. I planned my prayer time. Everyday I became conscious about my actions towards others but not to the point of becoming paranoid of course. Although I still had career goals in mind, I reminded myself that I must always be open to what God wants for me.

I think that the most difficult thing to entrust to the Lord is that special someone. It’s hard to figure out if a person is the one whom God wants you to have or if that’s just your feelings talking. Also, a person would take away more of your time and is more difficult to take care of. But when I had made a decision, even if it was really difficult to know or to be patient, I had to stick to it. I made a commitment to the Lord and I could not let anything break it. I promised to God that when a person comes into my life, I will make sure that I will never lose my time for Him. I will make sure that I will seek His guidance in everything that I do. And whether I am happy or when faced with a problem, my first priority is Him. And if that person does not understand what I do, then it means he is not the person that God wants for me. I believe that the person who understands what I do and who is also willing to commit himself to the Lord is the one. Also, I must do my part in taking care of this person the way that God wants me to take care of him.

But of course, I’m not saying that religious people are the ones that God wants for everyone. There are also other things to consider and I’m sure you will know in your heart if this person is meant for you. Anyway, explaining the other factors would mean I would have to write a 1,000-word or more essay again. But the point here is that, once you decide to entrust everything in the Lord and become obedient to Him, you will find real happiness. But doing this isn’t easy. It takes a lot of discipline. Acquiring discipline isn’t easy as well. But as long as you are open to learning while you face those struggles, eventually you will become stronger and more faithful.

Deuteronomy 8:2-3, 5, 7-9 “Remember how for forty years now the Lord, your God, has directed all your journeying in the desert, so as to test you by affliction and find out whether or not it was your intention to keep his commandments. He therefore let you be afflicted with hunger, and then fed you with manna, a food unknown to you and your fathers, in order to show you that not by bread alone does man live, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of the Lord. So you must realize that the Lord, your God, disciplines you even as  a man disciplines his son. For the Lord, your God, is bringing you into a good country, a land with streams of water, with springs and fountains welling up in the hills and valleys, a land of wheat and barley, of vines and fig trees and pomegranates, of olive trees and of honey, a land where you can eat bread without stint and where you will lack nothing, a land whose stones contain iron and in whose hills you can mine copper.”

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